The Day Before…

Aside from the first couple of days after chemotherapy, I feel pretty normal. It takes 3-4 days for the major fatigue to wear off, but once it does, my life really returns to normal to the point where I have to remind myself that I am being treated for breast cancer. I go back to tutoring as much as I can, bringing Aidan to/from school, playing with Cooper, going to the supermarket, meeting friends for lunch, hosting dinners and brunches at our apartment, etc. I still try to stay away from germs and avoid playspaces and public transportation, but I did that even before cancer!

This makes the days leading up to chemo that much more anxiety filled as I know my feelings of normalcy are coming to an end and the cycle will begin again. I try to savor every last minute of family time with Matt and the boys and “running the household”, as the next few days will involve little more than laying in bed and resting.

I hate the way the chemo makes my body feel but I really think that it is working. I can physically feel the changes in my tumor and it’s pretty amazing. I keep having dreams that I show up for my chemotherapy treatments and the oncologist says, “Wow! Your cancer is gone! You can stop chemo!” While that is totally unrealistic (unfortunately), it does feel good to be going through the treatments and checking them off the list.

Tomorrow is AC #3 of 4. Almost 75% done with the first leg of this cancer journey. #shaystrong

One thought on “The Day Before…

  1. What a beautiful family photo. And if this is a wig you are wearing, you have me completely fooled. Hang in there, enjoy the moments, the best is yet to come.


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