Taxol 4, Part 2

After 2 weeks in Woodstock, it was time to go back to reality and head back to the city for chemo. Matt and I left Woodstock on Monday night after the boys were asleep so that we would be able to wake up in the city on Tuesday morning.

Day 1, Treatment Day (Tuesday): Matt and I had a early morning breakfast date at Joe Jr. and walked to NYU together. Walking in to NYU I was feeling nervous and anxious. Health wise, I felt totally fine, but after last week’s delay, and driving 2 hours back from Woodstock, I was nervous that I wouldn’t get cleared for treatment. Waiting for my bloodwork to come back was torture. I held my breath until finally my oncologist said that everything looked fine and I would be able to be treated today – YES!

Actual treatment was long but uneventful. Lots of icing of hands and feet to hopefully prevent the itching and neuropathy. Between icing I was able to finish the string bracelet that I started in Woodstock and caught up on some stupid TV shows. This treatment included both Taxol and Carboplatin which added time to the length of the infusion and may add some more uncomfortable side effects- hopefully not too bad.

After treatment, Matt and I ate turkey sandwiches in the car and drove straight back to Woodstock. We took the boys to the playground, went out for Chinese food and had a normal afternoon.

Day 2 (Wednesday): Matt took Aidan to camp this morning, Cooper spent the morning with Arefa, and I spent most of the day in bed resting. By the late afternoon I was feeling a little better and we took the boys to the Woodstock Farmers Market and out to our favorite restaurant in the area. I went to sleep early but wasn’t feeling so horrible.

Day 3 (Thursday): Today we left our Woodstock house and went to the Emerson hotel for the weekend. Usually by day 3 I am feeling pretty much back to normal, but I guess the Carboplatin is leaving more lingering effects. It was a little too much for me packing up the house and getting us ready for the hotel but I was able too get it done (with a lot of help from Matt!). I am still feeling very tired but I’m trying to push through. We had a very early dinner with the boys at Emerson and the whole family was in bed before 8pm.

Day 4 (Friday): After an early breakfast at Phoenicia Diner, I was feeling really exhausted and run down. Matt took the boys and let me rest in the room. I was really frustrated that I wasn’t able to participate in the morning activities but I needed to listen to my body. By the afternoon, I felt much better.

Thankfully the only side effect I continue to experience is fatigue. The itching is being kept under control by the antihistamines and I am feeling pretty good.

Chemo Status:

4 Taxol down, 8 to go!

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