Taxol 9, Part 3

Day 1, Treatment Day (Tuesday, 9/17): After my delay last week I was given a shot to help boost my counts. I went back to NYU on Friday for a blood test and was happy to hear that my neutrophil count was up to 3.2 and that I would not need another shot. Everyone was confident that I would be cleared for my next treatment. 

Well, this morning I came for my blood test, feeling 100% confident that my counts would be fine (as usual), only to find out that my neutrophils had dropped to 1.2. I was cleared for my treatment, but just barely. In order to make sure that I would be cleared for my final treatment next week I will have to get 3 shots this week to help keep my counts up. 

This was my 9th Taxol and 4th (and final) Carboplatin. It has been almost a month since my last time getting both drugs and I forgot how long it takes. Thankfully, even though Matt was traveling, my friends came to keep me company. 

After chemo, I walked home and took a long nap. I woke up feeling really groggy, went to acupuncture, got the boys to bed, and had dinner with my brother. I was feeling really off. I was tired but I had a hard time falling asleep and was feeling a bit nauseous. I haven’t felt like that in a long time.

Day 2: After a rough night, Aidan woke up at 5:30am ready to start his day (yay!). I was not feeling great but I managed to feed the boys breakfast and get them dressed. By the time my nanny arrived at 8am, I was anxious to get right back in bed and go to sleep. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to rest, as I needed to go back to NYU at 10am to get a shot. After getting my shot, I spent the rest of the day in bed.

Day 3: Aidan had a rough night and ended up coming into bed with us at about 12:30am. While Matt woke up saying, “That wasn’t so horrible” while I spent the night attached to a 3.5 year old who couldn’t get closer to me.

Today is Cooper’s 2nd birthday and if it wasn’t for our tradition of singing Happy Birthday and throwing balloons in the crib, I would have told Matt to handle the boys and rolled right over and gone back to sleep. BUT, my baby is 2, so we took the boys to the diner and sang happy birthday with a candle in a stack of pancakes. Then, we took the boys to school, I went to get my shot, treated myself to Cafe Panna and got right back into bed for a looooong nap. Thankfully, I set my alarm or I would have slept right through my acupuncture appointment.

Day 4: Another day at NYU to have my blood counts checked. Thankfully, my counts were high enough that I did not need to get a third shot. I spent the rest of the day relaxing. We have a busy weekend ahead of Wisconsin vs. Michigan football, birthday parties and a bridal shower.

Chemo Update: It has been a while since I had the combination of the two drugs and I forgot how much the Taxol/Carbo combo knocks me out. Feeling relieved that this is my last time having to power through this as it really makes me feel tired and foggy.
Only 1 more treatment to go!

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