Mastectomy Must-Haves

I am not a fussy person. I don’t usually buy into all of the things that you “need” to recover from surgery. When I went to the hospital to have Aidan and Cooper my hospital bag was pretty empty, and this surgery was no different BUT, there are a couple of items that have made recovery from this surgery more comfortable.

Button-Front Pajamas: Wearing a hospital gown is NOT pleasant and it is the quickest way to remind you that you are in a hospital. Bringing my own pajamas made me feel much more cozy, but it was still important for the doctors and nurses to have quick and easy access to my chest. Soft, button-front pajamas were the solution. Even at home, I still only wear button and zipper front tops as they are the easiest to put on and allow me to get to my chest. Linked here and here.

Wedge Pillow: After surgery, you have to sleep on your back, especially while the drains are in. Laying flat is not only uncomfortable, but much harder to maneuver from. The beds in the hospital can be lifted to find a comfortable position, but at home, the wedge pillow allows you to stay elevated and lay more comfortably.

Arm Pillows: While laying in bed, it would hurt when my arms were laying flat on the bed. Having a pillow to prop under each arm eliminated some of the pressure on my armpits.

Neck Pillow: While laying on the wedge pillow, the neck pillow allowed my neck to be elevated enough so that I did not have to put any strain on my chest muscles.

Cleansing Wipes & Loofah on a Stick: While my drains are in, I cannot take a full shower. I can take a sponge bath, but my range of motion is extremely limited. I can barely reach my arms up to scratch an itch on my face. This loofah helps me clean any hard-to-reach spots. I also use these body wipes and face wipes to help me stay as clean as possible.

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