Wig Shopping @ Bitz-N-Pieces

An inevitable side effect of ACT chemo is hair loss. ACT is pretty major and even those ‘cold caps’ that help so many chemotherapy patients save their hair is no match for ACT. I have made no secret of the fact that I am terrified to lose my hair. I love my hair, but that isn’t the only reason- I just don’t want to look sick. I don’t want someone’s first reaction when looking at me to be, “oh, she’s sick”. We all have bad days where we feel crappy on the inside, but we can usually mask it with some make-up and a smile. I can’t wrap my head around doing this when I have no hair or eyebrows. It’s vain, I know.

The first step to not looking sick is finding a suitable covering for my unavoidable baldness. Enter Bitz-n-Pieces, a full-service wig salon in Columbus Circle. I met with Fernando who brought me to a private room for our consultation. He explained the different types of wigs and assured me that once we find the right wig, no one will be able to tell that I’m wearing one. I was hesitant. 

I tried on human hair and synthetic wigs, halos, hats with hair attached, and even a long blonde wig (not my look) and eventually selected “Kim”, my long brown wig. The color wasn’t exactly right but Fernando explained that once we select the wig, he will dye the wig to match my hair color and style the wig to match my haircut. Once my hair starts to fall out, I will go back to Bitz-n-Pieces for my final fitting, where they will help me to shave my head and make sure that the wig fits perfectly. It should look just like my hair does now.

The whole process of wig shopping was strange. It definitely wasn’t fun, like wedding dress shopping, but it wasn’t emotional torture either. It felt like a mundane chore that needed to be checked off my list. I’ve heard that there are a lot of benefits to wearing a wig- it will take me less time to get ready & my hair will always look good, but will I still look like myself?

3 thoughts on “Wig Shopping @ Bitz-N-Pieces

  1. Thanks for sharing. I think any female would feel as you do. Having said that, just keep shining your light as you have always done. Hair or no hair, you are an incredible young woman. I love you 💜


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