Overwhelmed by Support

When I decided that I was going to start a blog I thought that it would be an easy way to share updates with my close friends and family and eliminate the need to send 100 texts and emails after every doctor appointment.

After my diagnosis, I was put in touch with so many friends-of-friends who had gone through the same thing. I have spoken to different women every day, many of whom who have never met me, but still send me texts to see how I am doing. I was so touched that a community of strangers was so willing to share their time talking to me about what I could expect in the coming months. I decided that I did want to share my blog on social media in the hopes that someone else who finds themselves in my situation might stumble upon it and find it helpful. People have told me I’m brave and inspiring, but in reality, anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a private person and am happy to share anything and everything going on in my life. Good or bad, I think it’s important for people to open up as you never know who it will help along the way.

Matt always talks about communication and how important it is, even in the best of times. When things get tougher, it becomes even more important to over communicate to keep things strong. I take this with me not only in our relationship but with friends and family as well, and this blog is just another way for me to communicate.

On Tuesday afternoon, right before boarding a plane back to NY, I decided to post about what has been going on and share my blog on Instagram and Facebook. I did not anticipate the hundreds of responses that I have received. I am completely blown away by every single message of support. People who I haven’t thought about or spoken to in years took the time to send their good wishes. It feels really amazing to know that so many people are sending their good vibes and well wishes. It has meant so much to me and Matt and our hearts are full. Thank you.

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