Taxol 2

Day 1, Treatment Day (Tuesday): Everything about this treatment was super routine- blood work, oncologist, chemo. The only differences were (a) Instead of having a chemo chair, I was assigned a room with a bed (much more comfortable) and (b) Matt was in London so my mom came with me. The treatment went smoothly- I got a lower dose of Benadryl so I wasn’t as sleepy, watched an episode of Killing Eve, and ate leftover snacks from Lisa’s bachelorette.

I forgot to mention that one of the side effects of Taxol is neuropathy (tingling/numbness in fingers and toes) so I have to wear ice booties and gloves during the whole treatments to prevent the Taxol from getting into my fingers and toes. This is definitely uncomfortable.

After the treatment, I went home to take a nap but was feeling fine by the afternoon. I actually ended up going out for an early dinner with my brother and felt totally fine.

I did not want to have a repeat of last week, so I took the Ativan hoping that I would be able to get a better night sleep. Unfortunately, it was still very hard for me to fall asleep and I woke up periodically throughout the night. I need to find a solution for this.

Day 2 (Wednesday): Despite not getting a good night sleep, I woke up feeling great. My mom slept over to help with the boys in the morning because we weren’t sure if I would be able to get out of bed. Thankfully, I was able to make their breakfast and lunch, get them dressed and bring Aidan to camp. I did take a short late-morning nap, but otherwise I feel great.

Day 3 (Thursday) and beyond: I am so grateful for how I have been feeling during these treatments. Post Taxol #2 I had a play date with Julie, Sage and Cooper in the park, went to Wolfgang’s, Farmer and the Fish, Emily, and Follia, for dinner, hosted a BBQ for our friends at our apartment, went to Turtle Back Zoo with family, watched Aidan perform Hamilton at camp, and tutored 2 students. If this is any indication of what the next 10 weeks will bring, I think I can handle it!

Chemo Status:

2 Taxol down, 10 to go!

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