Taxol 3

Day 1, Treatment Day (Tuesday): Another routine treatment, followed by a quick nap and a long walk around the neighborhood. Nothing eventful or out of the ordinary. I was able to fall asleep without much trouble – huge win.

Day 2 (Wednesday): I woke up feeling great again (yay!). Aidan slept at my parent’s house the night before so I spent the morning with Cooper. We walked Matt to work, walked through the Union Square Farmer’s Market and shared a bagel in Gramercy Park – all before 9am. Other than our morning adventures, I didn’t really do much. I wanted to make sure to have a very relaxing day as I had my friend’s wedding that night.

Getting ready for the wedding was much different than usual. I didn’t have to set aside time to do my hair, as my wig was already styled. Usually, I don’t care as much about my make-up but now that I don’t have a full set of eyebrows or eyelashes, having my make-up done was more important to me. Vain problems, but problems nonetheless.

Matt and I had a great time at the wedding. Rachel and Josh were glowing. The ceremony was on a gorgeous rooftop in Brooklyn and we danced all night.

Day 3 (Thursday) and beyond: So grateful that Aidan & Cooper slept at Matt’s mom’s house. Matt and I were exhausted after a night of dancing and were relieved to not have to wake up with the boys at 6am. We had a super lazy morning before heading to NJ for a 4th of July BBQ with family. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging in NYC and Great Neck.

It’s funny how other than a few sentences about taking naps and not having eyebrows or eyelashes, the whole post is really just a play-by-play of my normal life. I often forget that I even have cancer. Thankfully, I have been able to keep going with most of my normal activities and have felt healthy enough to do so 🙂

Chemo Status:

3 Taxol down, 9 to go!

1 more treatment before we are off to Woodstock!

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